Welcome to the Connor's Journey web site

image A serious spinal cord injury sustained while playing for the University of Stirling's rugby team on September 13, 2014, left Connor Hughes quadriplegic. Since the accident, support for Connor has flooded in from all parts of the country. The aim of this web site is to provide regular updates on Connor's progress, to highlight and promote fund-raising events, as well as raise awareness about the impact of spinal cord injuries. Connor and his family have been overwhelmed by the support and kindness shown to them by people from all over the country, and hope that this new web site will make it easier to strengthen these ties and keep in touch.

'Before & after' scans show results of Connor's surgery

image THE full extent of Connor's injuries following his accident can be seen in the adjoining two MRI scan images below, as Connor himself explains: "The left-hand image is my very first scan, taken at the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Unit in Glasgow's Southern General Hospital the day after my accident. It shows more than 50% displacement of my fifth and sixth vertebrae, which caused the compression to my spinal cord. Ligaments had completely snapped, with the vertebral disc turned to pulp. The right-hand image shows the post-surgical results, with the scan being taken three weeks after surgery. Stabilisation consisted of a 'De Puy' cage at the front of the spinal column filled with bone graft, with a two-inch plate screwed in at the back (all of which can be seen on the X-ray). The positive to take from this MRI, however, is that the spinal alignment is now correct, allowing room for the cord and the swelling to subside."



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